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Our Numbers Grow

X Abraxas a posted Oct 17, 12
Attention Knights,
We've recently taken on a few new recruits. Please take the time to greet our new members, and get to know each other. Add each other as contacts in Dust, and squad up when you see each other online. Our goal is to create a close team to increase tactical precision on the battlefield. Become friends and have fun out there. And remember Friday is our Overload event, where all members will be expected to to get on Dust and decimate. We'll be starting at 1pm Pacific time, and we'll continue until our numbers dwindle.
I am Cthulhu Sothoth CEO of the Knight of the Seventh Sun And I can answer some of your questions about our corporation.

Arrow KotSS is looking for any and all recruits ranging from hardcore gamers with good K/D ratios to the weekend warrior drunkard. we will build a cohesive team through training and strategy built over time.

Arrow You can sign up at

Arrow We will have ever changing events ranging from training missions to major corporate contracts and even inebriation event just for fun for anyone that is willing to join.

Arrow We are new so we do not have too many people as of yet but we will continue to grow as Dust itself grows.

Arrow The corporation will have different divisions like Armored, Commanding, Casual and Training divisions.

Arrow Everything in KotSS will be voted on between commanding officers. So everyone will be involved in the corp.

Mainly KotSS is going to be a fun corp to get together with others and have a good time while being a tactical group.
If there is anything else you would like to know please feel free to ask

X AbraxasATTN All Knights!

Don't forget that Friday is our Overload Event. We'll be kicking it off at 1:30pm this week. We expect everyone to make it, unless you've already explained your absence. Last week we had a very low attendance. Lets change that and go make a name for ourselves! This is a chance for us all to work together and get to know each other. We have some new members so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how everyone does what they do best.
chazpepper   sorry guys I haven't been online much, busy with work :( I will try to get on more often...
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